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Just like any other consumer retail purchase, it’s important to be as knowledgeable as possible before selecting the right window film product.

While there are many quality window film manufacturers, Johnson Window Films has been able to carve out a unique positioning from its manufacturing facility located in Carson, CA. With its origins in laminating & packaging, Johnson Window Films has been a family-run business for over 30 years. Unlike other window film corporations where diversification is necessary to satisfy shareholders, Johnson Window films has been able to concentrate solely on one thing—the manufacturing of high quality window film products.

Even though the bottom line is important to keep a business healthy, the Johnson Window Films philosophy also adheres to the premise that window film provides many functional benefits that will make people’s lives better. That’s why the dedication to creating the most optimal window film products is so important, and allows Johnson Window Films to stand behind a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.


Island Tinting – You probably wouldn’t think of spending an extended period of time in the sun without applying sun block. Yet the same damaging ultraviolet attacks your family and you all year round. Our Residential Window Tinting will protect your home from the sun.

Dual Pane Safe Window Films

Island Tinting carries many films that are developed for insulated glass units (dual pane glass) in today’s homes.

Heat Control with Home Window Tinting

Reduces solar gain in sun problem windows while maintaining a crystal clear view.

Fade Control with Residential Window Tinting Films

Reduces up to 99% of harmful ultra violet rays to protect furniture, carpeting and artwork from fading.

Glare Control with Home Window Tinting Films

Increases comfort, TV and computer screen readability by allowing glare controlled sunlight to enter.

Reduce Utility Costs by Residential Window Tinting

Reduces up to 79% of the total solar energy, greatly reducing air conditioning expense.

 Shatter Resistant Films for Home Windows

Forms a protective shield across windows so that shattered glass would be contained within a sheath formed by the window.

Privacy and Security with Tinted Windows

Provides daytime privacy from sunlight reflecting off exterior window.